Solutions for Enterprises

Transform your business with Refabric Pro, the leading AI fashion design solution for enterprises.


Personalized AI Training for Your Fashion Design Needs

  • AI-Enhanced Style Calibration: Utilize AI to train the system in generating fashion designs that harmonize with your moodboards.
  • AI Pattern Adaptation: Implement AI training to seamlessly weave your favorite patterns into new fashion creations.
  • AI Attribute Fine-Tuning: Leverage AI design training to zero in on specific design attributes, making sure your finished pieces truly reflect your vision.

Merging Trends and Bestsellers

Data-Driven AI Fashion Design: Merging Trends and Bestsellers

  • AI Fashion Design & Trend Analysis: Use Refabric Pro’s advanced algorithms for data-driven, on-trend designs, informed by real-time trend analytics and your company’s bestseller data
  • Comprehensive AI Design Archive: Access and leverage a centralized archive of your AI-generated fashion designs for future innovation and trend alignment.


First-in-Class AI Fashion Design Tool

  • Near-Production Ready Designs: Experience unparalleled accuracy with Refabric Pro’s AI algorithms, generating designs so realistic they’re nearly ready for production.
  • Customization at its Finest: Cater to the fashion industry’s specific needs with highly customized, data-driven design solutions.
  • Pioneering AI in Fashion: Stand out with Refabric Pro, the first AI tool capable of producing realistic, trend-focused designs for the fashion world.


High-Resolution AI Pattern Generation

  • Print-Ready Patterns: Create stunning, high-resolution patterns with our advanced AI algorithms that are ready to be printed.
  • Design Integration: Seamlessly incorporate newly generated patterns onto designs you’ve created or loved, all within the Refabric Pro interface.
  • AI-Driven Creativity: Elevate your pattern designs with AI technology, offering limitless creativity in textile pattern design tailored for the fashion industry.

Design Smarter, Create Better: Refabric’s Assisted Design Revolutionizes the Fashion Industry

Transform your designs with data-driven insights and trend-setting innovation from Refabric.