AI has already been changing the world in many sectors. From the art scene to creative work as well as market research, generative AI has proved itself to be a supporter of many causes. While many believe that it is quite revolutionary, some believe that artificial intelligence is an upgraded tool, a Swiss army knife that users can also alternate at any time needed. As we are starting to see different big brands using AI for many different reasons, we ask, “How artificial intelligence, more specifically generative AI will change the world of fashion?”.

Understanding the customers can endorse sustainable operations

Speaking to Forbes, the CEO of ApparelMagic, a software company for fashion brands, Brandon Ginsberg, claims that AI will change the whole fashion industry by impacting marketing, sales, and design. Therefore, it will allow us to catch a fresh breath with chances to revolutionize the operations.

The changes in operations include the implementation of the supply chain and how it is managed, as artificial intelligence can be trained to understand the chronological evolution of fashion and foretell what could be on fashion next. Questions like “What do customers look for in fashion”, and “What are the eras of fashion that could affect the new generation” could be answered by artificial intelligence. By that, the brands could know what are the factors that influence their customers’ decisions. This means that we can also talk about sustainable fashion, where garments are only the creations that the customers dream of coming to life.

Speed of internet, speed of Fashion

Speed is everything in this new era where all of us are connected through one source, which is the internet, where data can embody analysis, prediction and prevention. As information reaches out to crowds this fast, the understanding of knowledge has transformed. Thus, speed is infectious, we always seek out progress and development. Benjamin Bond, a business consultant in Kearney says “Fashion inherently has a tremendous focus on creativity, and AI is going to completely transform the creative process..”, “…When we talk transformation, we’re talking about creating speed, creating efficiency, creating relevance.” As trends speed up with algorithms and social media, where consumers don’t even have to seek out guidance from monthly fashion magazines, it is hard to keep up with when something will be “in” or “out”.

Yarden Horwitz (former fashion industry analyst and co-founder of data science startup Spade) with her colleague Oliver Zimmer have already been working on a Google Fashion Trends report, operated with artificial intelligence in 2015, when skinny jeans were still on the decline (not anymore). This beneficial tool has been in our lives with different algorithms, trend predictions and so many other opportunities in the fashion world already. However, the new wave of generational AI has produced new hopes and dreams in many brands’ creative journeys.

Inspiring brands with Artificial Intelligence

For instance, a brand that we all know and admire, NIKE, has The Nike Fit app introduced by US sports brand NIKE, enabling users to take a smartphone camera photo of their foot for precise size. The AR technology maps the dimensions of each foot using a 13-point measuring technique. The more users of the program there are, the more data it gathers, and the more precise it gets.  This also means that we can still dream of shoes that fit us perfectly, hugging our feet in a gentle way while creating comfort and support. No need to mention how this will also affect the likeability of the designs that have been purchased by the customers. For another example, one of the biggest retail companies in the UK, Marks & Spencer (M&S), has also been automating the design and documentation process for things including furniture, home goods, and clothing using huge computer vision models and CAD data (computer-aided design software). This entails increasing productivity and saving time by automating processes like editing product images and creating product descriptions.

Thanks to AI’s accumulating power, which is like a brain that remembers everything, designs can be curated for the unique experiences of individuals. With the support of AI, there are many more to foresee and look forward to. With Refabric, there are so many opportunities to understand the new fashion trends, get inspired and collaborate, and experiment with what AI could offer to your creative outlook.

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