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Hello Fashion Visionaries! We’ve got exciting news – Refabric introduces the innovative “Pattern-to-Design” feature! It’s all about marrying your cherished patterns with your designs, but with a twist – it creates variations of the patterns for that extra dash of originality. Let’s dive into how you can utilize this tool for crafting distinct fashion masterpieces!

Understanding “Pattern-to-Design”

“Pattern-to-Design” is a groundbreaking tool from Refabric, allowing you to infuse any pattern into your designs. But here’s the catch – it doesn’t just slap the exact pattern onto your pieces; it crafts variations, ensuring each design is a unique work of art!


Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting with “Pattern-to-Design”

1)Pick Your Pattern

What to do: Kick off by selecting a pattern image that resonates with you – be it stripes, florals, or geometrics. Explore your imagination!

  1. Incorporate Your Design

What to do: Time to bring in your design! 


-You can either describe it using a text prompt or upload a design image. This informs Refabric on how to combine the varied pattern with your concept.


There are two options available:


Prompt & Pattern Image:

Write a design prompt that captures the essence of your vision. This prompt helps guide the incorporation of your chosen pattern, setting the mood and style you want to convey

-Design Image+Pattern Image:

Specify the design image that you would like to take inspiration from and add your desired pattern as well. This way you can have more accurate results closer to the inspiration.

  1. Witness the Refabric Magic

What to do: Now, watch as Refabric’s AI spins its magic! It doesn’t just incorporate your pattern; it creates variations and seamlessly integrates them, ensuring your design is uniquely yours.

  1. Behold! Your Exclusive Design is Born

What to do: Explore your one-of-a-kind design! It’s ready to turn heads and inspire the world.

Why “Pattern-to-Design”?

This feature is more than just an application of patterns; it’s a fusion of your artistic vision and cutting-edge technology. It alters the patterns, giving your designs an unparalleled edge and endless possibilities!

Ignite Your Design Journey!

Are you ready to elevate your design game? Experiment with the endless possibilities of pattern variations using Refabric’s “Pattern-to-Design” feature today!


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