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Get ready for Refabric – the first AI fashion design assistant created specifically for the fashion industry. Leveraging generative AI capabilities, Refabric empowers designers by enhancing creativity, accelerating workflows, and enabling scalable production. By pushing the boundaries of imagination, this inventive solution aims to become an essential partner for fashion creators in driving progress.



Emerging as a pioneering innovation shaping the future by pushing the boundaries of technology, Much like in many industry, Generative AI is now at the core of the fashion world.

Refabric, an artificial intelligence based fashion design assistant created by a local women-led initiative, is leaving an impressive mark in the world of fashion by expanding the boundaries of design and creativity. As a specially designed AI tool for the fashion industry, Refabric’s first product, Refabric Basic, is utilized to accelerate and enhance the design processes, push limits, and explore new aesthetics. By translating designers’ conceptual designs into words, Refabric leverages generative AI to create unique patterns, color combinations, and styles, transcending traditional design constraints and assisting designers in crafting their individualized mood boards for inspiration.

However, Refabric has even bigger ambitions with the upcoming launch of Refabric Pro in Q4 2023. This version targets the needs of fashion brands directly, facilitating every step of the design workflow. Refabric Pro can build a collective archive of past designs, identifying successful features to integrate into new collections. By analyzing sales data, brand styles, and trends, it generates designs optimized for commercial success.


With its comprehensive design archive, it offers easyaccess to previous collections, allowing for inspiration and transformation from earlier designs in new creations. Another standout feature of Refabric Pro is its ability to transform high-resolution patterns designed by creators using their own written words into suitable formats for printing and production. This capability empowers designers to bring their creative visions to life. Additionally, it provides a collaborative design space where designers can work together.


As Refabric continues to shape the future of fashion, it will keep opening new doors for designers and brands, paving the way for fresh opportunities.

About Refabric and Mintgrams Technologies


Refabric is the debut product ofMintgrams Technologies, a company founded by well-known figures in the fashion and technology realms. Among the co-founders of Mintgrams Technologies are Hakan Baş, Seda Domaniç, Alemşah Öztürk, Mustafa Alpay and Safiye Dinçtürk Turgut who are closely familiar with the worlds of fashion and technology. Eda Gürdamar, one of the company’s co-founders, serves as the CEO.


For detailed information about Refabric:

Refabric AI Fashion Assistant
Refabric Website




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