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Hey Fashion Enthusiasts! Exciting news – Refabric has launched two new AI design modes: Guided and Advanced, making design a breeze! Let’s break down how you can use these features to bring your fashion ideas to life!

  1. Guided AI Design: Easy Start, Beautiful Finish

Think of Guided AI Design as your go-to buddy. It’s here to help everyone, whether you’re just starting or have been designing for years! This mode is all about making the process smooth and ensuring you get beautiful results every time.

👉 How to Use:

Start with a prompt or idea.

Let Guided AI take the lead.

Watch as your idea turns into a polished design!

This is great for when you’re learning, need quick results, or just want to see your vision come to life with ease.

  1. Advanced AI Design: You’re the Boss!

Ready for more control? Advanced AI Design is like an open canvas – it listens to your every instruction. The details of your design, like faces, lighting, and poses, all come from your creative input!

👉 How to Use:

Change the setting to ‘’Advanced AI Design’’

The AI responds to your creative direction.

Experiment and see your unique designs come to life!

This mode is perfect for designers who are ready to explore and want their unique touch in every detail.

Time to Create Your Fashion Masterpiece!

No matter your style or experience, Refabric’s new AI design modes are here to help you create effortlessly. Whether you choose the guiding hand of the Guided mode or take creative control with the Advanced mode, your journey into fashion innovation starts now!

Remember, there are no limits – just endless possibilities to design and shine. Dive in and start creating with Refabric today!

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